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Hello, I am Erik!

I started programming when I was 11 years old, with a block-based programming language called scratch. Upon discovering Scratch through some books I read, I began to play around with Scratch. Over time I became bored of Scratch and thought, there must be more out there My parents had also noticed how much I enjoyed computer programming, thus, my Father told me about a friend of his who had worked with computer programming in the past, and had offered to show me some things. He showed me W3Schools, a wonderful learning tool to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and so much more.

That's where I began learning, after that I began exploring, reading documentation, looking at examples and exploring frame works, such as Bootstrap and w3.css. I enjoyed it so much! Overtime I became more and more interested in server-side development, so I asked my dad if I could rent webspace for a website. Once we had configured my new site (which you are on right now), I learned how amazing server side programming is!

Early 2019 I began exploring with Node.JS and building webapps, Node.JS is an amazing backend plugin service for JavaScrip that allows you to use it on the server-side. To this day I continue to learn Node.JS, PHP and recently ASP.

The basic facts

Just some basic facts about me:

  • Age: 15
  • Location: Utah, United States of America
  • Favorite Book Series: Five Kingdoms
  • Favorite Movie Series: Star Wars
  • Favorite Programming Language: Node.JS
  • Current Project: Just exploring!
  • Websites Completed: 6
  • Education: Sophmore - High School

I am also planning on getting my W3 Schools certification in the coming months.

What is the site for?

Right now, just as a demonstration for what I can do. Presently just a placeholder while I work on other projects. I do have plans for this webiste in the future.

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